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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution is sweeping through the world, Big data has changed the Investment Entry Mode

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March 25th, 2021 – Transforming from obscurity launching in 2009 to now a few hundred-billion-U.S. dollars markets, the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been affecting the world. The rise of AI opens a vast blue ocean market for investors. In China, Alibaba group and Tencent Holdings have set up their own block chain research institutes for AI. Tencent Holdings have issued out the first block chain invoice in the world in 2018. In 2014, The People’s Bank of China have also established their own AI Research Centre, which was recently announced.

What is Big Data?
Big data is an emerging concept accompanied by the explosive growth of information data and the rapid development of network computing technology. According to McKinsey Global Institute, big data refers to a database software tool whose size greatly exceeds the capabilities of traditional database software tools to capture, store, manage, and analyse datasets. The four characteristics of big data are high volume datasets, high velocity data flows, high variety datasets and high veracity datasets. Big data generates valued qualitative data for enterprises by analysing consumer needs from massive quantitative data. The growth of the big data has assisted its application penetrating agriculture, industry, commerce, service industry, medical field, and other industries. It becomes an important factor in the industrial development.

It is worth mentioning that the development of big data has also helped the AI industry in making a great leap.

There are three major branches for AI:

1. Logic-Based AI
2. Fuzzy logic, the computer examines large amount of data, and then performs the AI processing based on its data statistics, probability analysis and other methods
3. “Deep Learning” based on neural networks

In 2006, Professor Hinton from the University of Toronto who proposed the “deep learning” neural networks has helped the breakthrough of AI and leads to another rapid growth stage in AI. The “Deep Learning” neural networks processes data by imitating human brain’s learning process through a set of deep neural network algorithms. They merge the lower layer features into higher layer abstraction through nonlinear transformations of the input data and output data, and eventually master its applications.

Investment is the first mover in the wave of AI

It thus can be seen that AI applications have become an irresistible general trend, and many investors are involved in AI wave. As an investor, it is essential to stay rational while making investment decision, such as seeks for professional and quantitative trading platform. To overcome the weaknesses of human nature in investment behaviour, and to make the investment rational and scientific, VNUS Smart AI distributional digital wallet is founded.

With the help of blockchain technology, VNUS Smart AI integrated platform and VNUS Smart AI distributional digital wallet has been using the technology to ensure authenticity and traceability. It assures every quantitative trading strategy is traceable and the source is demonstrable, then make it financialization and informatization, to achieve the value connection between technology and networking.

In additional to the safety and security of the digital wallet, VNUS Smart AI distributional digital wallet also provides smart advisory in quantitative trading strategy, ecological promotion, quantitative trading strategy platform, AI smart assistance and other functions. For instance, VNUS focuses on the corresponding quantitative trading strategy to achieve corresponding proportional value anchoring. AI will analyse intensely on the big data generated from quantitative trading and model precisely. It then converts trading habits and trading strategies into mathematical models, uploads to the quantitative strategy library, and then outputs effective strategies to find the best solution.

Technology is the Power of Investment

Digital Currency Foundation has long been devoted to the investment of the independent intellectual property rights in high-tech field. Since the launch of the phase 2.0 of AI intelligent interactive algorithm by VNUS research and development, VNUS has continuously processed the data capture and analysis in the third and fourth quarters of 2020. We then completed and launched our first online application, start to provide services to secondary market, and humping signal to primary market. After that, we continue our main chain development, and are applying for the intellectual property protection in multiple regions worldwide. Digital Currency Foundation will also provide long-term support in VNUS for our business ecosystem development and establishment. The foundation works closely with global technology companies, especially in Asia. Recently, it has been reported that Malaysian Blockchain Association (MBA) has reached a strategic cooperation with VNUS project and became a partner of the project.

Committed to the Intelligent, qualitative market management, VNUS is going all out to build a new quantitative trading platform. Go ahead, dream about the future.

To learn more please visit us online at http://www.vnus.io/

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