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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Changing the Present and Future of Digital Finance Market

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March 6th, 2021 – In recent years, with the continuous development of the financial market and the rapid growth of society, the capital market is now in the golden period. As the financial derivatives and hedging tools release continuously, the complexity of investment has also increased. After the global economy experienced the baptism of the large financial crisis and sovereign debt crisis, investors should deeply understand the importance of managing risk and take good control of investment risks. This is especially so when the digital financial market has unwittingly stepped into the era of artificial intelligence investment. The common goal of investors is how to achieve a stable asset growth. The quantitative investment is one of the most artificially intelligent ways to invest in the investment world today. The advantages of quantitative trading is that it provides accurate analysis of market dynamics combined with big data, cloud computing and other digital technologies. Through the systematic investment model and strict investment discipline, it avoids human error in investment behavior. Effective investing discipline can help investors to achieve long-term investment returns that are sustainable, stable, and above average excess returns. Quantitative trading will drive the development of digital financial transaction system in the future.

The continuous progress of the digital financial market has prompted investors to continuously increase their demand for diversified and personalized investment. Besides, the requirements for asset appreciation are also increasing. For investors to continue to develop in the increasingly complex digital financial investment market, they must gain insights into the trend and changes. They can either improve their professional skills or make good use of the power of smart technology to increase return on investment, so as to conform to the virtuous circle of the market and better promote the development of the industry. With the deep penetration of the Internet into the digital financial market, it has profoundly changed the format of digital financial transactions and greatly reduced the problems of information asymmetry in the traditional digital financial industry. Through the Internet, ordinary investors can connect and gain access to excellent quantitative intelligent asset management software. Under the transformation of this trading format, the role of investors has also changed from being a mere “investor” to the “manager of using investment tools”. The focus has also shifted from the transaction itself to screening excellent quantitative intelligent asset management tools to achieve the transaction method by using shared quantitative intelligent asset management software.

Quantitative investment has become a new trend in the digital financial market. It eliminates subjective risk biases, financial goals and objective financial risk tolerance by utilizing big data analysis, quantitative models and algorithms. According to investors’ profit expectations and risk preferences, it provides matching asset portfolio strategies, and complete transactions automatically through the intelligent trading system. During the trading process, the strategy trading parameters are dynamically adjusted according to market changes to achieve the purpose [of asset appreciation. In order to allow ordinary investors to enjoy the convenience brought by quantitative intelligent trading technology, “VNUS” builds a one-stop service platform for quantitative intelligent transactions between quantitative strategy institutions and ordinary investors. The platform gathers professional quantitative strategy teams to select high-quality quantitative strategy products and tailor quantitative investment strategies for investors by to achieve the inclusive of quantitative intelligent investment. By combining the big data quantitative investment model with the most cutting-edge Internet technology, this makes the quantitative investment inclusive and optimize investment and financial management methods. By connecting ordinary investors and quantitative strategy institutions through the “VNUS” core AI robot “Unicorn AI Engine”, investors do not need to perform the complicated and time consuming market analysis. The entire investment process is operated by a quantitative institutions, allowing investors to have zero-distance contact with professional quantitative strategy institutions and enjoy the most professional quantitative strategy tools.

“VNUS” is an innovative one-stop service platform for quantitative strategies. The Cryptocurrency Foundation conducts in-depth cooperation with many outstanding third-party quantitative asset management institutions around the world. This platform brings together absolute returns top quantitative strategy products around the world, including a complete and secure wallet system, a unicorn engine quantification system, a decentralized transaction system, etc. The core unicorn AI engine establishes the industry’s leading quantitative model multi dimensional evaluation and screening system, and builds a complete quantitative strategy investment advisory system. With 24-hour continuous monitoring and analyzing the global  mainstream trading market conditions and trends, this provides that investors with comprehensive and detailed analysis from an investment perspective to build a better quantitative portfolio strategy based on their own investment needs and risk preferences. In the process of market changes, the strategy portfolio can be adjusted dynamically in time to realize asset appreciation under risk control. The investors can also enjoy the most professional quantitative strategy, as well as investment and financial information courses for free.

At present, quantitative intelligent trading completes over 80% of the trades on Wall Street. Intelligent trading has great advantages and gradually replacing the trend of manual trading compared with manual trading, which is the future development of the financial market. The competition among traders in the future will be a competition among program codes. It will be a competition between intelligent trading systems, and whoever has the best program will be able to beat the market and make a profit.

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