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TVRoxx HD Home Theater Box: Smart Streaming Media Hub – Get Summer Savings Here

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June 10th, 2020 – The TVRoxx HD Home Theater Box is a streaming device that allows consumers to see their own movies, music, photos, and more on any television screen. Using an Android operating system, consumers will be able to have a clear 4K Ultra HD view of all of the content by downloading the app from Google Play.

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What is the TVRoxx HD Home Theater Box?

COVID-19 is still alive and well, and there are many people respecting their state’s stay-at-home orders. Unfortunately, all this time without movie theaters or access to professional sports leaves everyone looking for a little bit of entertainment. There are plenty of streaming devices on the market today, and there are even smart TVs on the market. However, adding the TVRoxx HD Home Theater Box will make the price substantially less costly.

The TVRoxx HD Home Theater Box advertises their product as a “media hub” that helps to make any TV work just like a smart TV does. Users can log in to their Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and other streaming media accounts to watch from their screen at a much friendlier price than others. Many Android apps are already loaded onto the device, which means there’s no worries about downloading the service or not having enough space to add a program.

When the user isn’t watching their favorite shows or blockbuster movies, they can use this device to access all of the content they would normally use their phone for. Games and web browsing are installed features of this device, giving users a chance to play their favorite handheld games on a screen that isn’t so small. To make browsing through websites, pictures, and other content easy, the device even comes with a TVRoxx wireless mouse.

What Comes In Your TVRoxx HD Home Theater Package?

  • (1) TVRoxx Home Theater Box
  • (1) HDMI 4.1 Cable 1080P @60HZ
  • (1) TVRoxx Wireless Mouse 2.4G / USB Receiver
  • (1) AC/DC Adaptor Power Cable

Buying TVRoxx HD Home Theater Boxes

For one TVRoxx HD Home Theater Box, the cost is $89.69, though consumers can break down the cost into 4 payments of $24.66 to make this purchase a little easier on their budget. With each box, customers will get the Home Theater Box itself, an HDMI 4.1 Cable, a TVRoxx wireless box, and an AC/DC adapter power cable.

For consumers that don’t want to keep moving this box to every room, there’s also several multipacks available, and consumers are also afforded the same option of four installments for the payment.

Choose from:

– One TVRoxx HD Home Theater Box for $89.69
– Two TVRoxx HD Home Theater Boxes for $165.59
– Three TVRoxx HD Home Theater Boxes for $206.99
– Four TVRoxx HD Home Theater Boxes for $254.94

Typically, the price of these packages is twice as much, but TVRoxx is offering a special (but limited) promotion while the boxes are still available.

Cut the Cable Cord With TVRoxx HD Home Theater Box Summertime Savings Here!


The TVRoxx HD Home Theater Box is made to offer full access to any Android-compatible multimedia on the user’s television, whether they want to be entertained with movies and TV shows or games. With ports for Wi-Fi access, HDMI cables, USB cords, and ethernet (among others), consumers can plug in any device to run on their TV. The website is lacking in some details that may make a purchase easier to decide on (like storage space for games or size), but the benefits make the purchase worth its price.

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