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Is it possible to prevent and cure the COVID-19 virus with molecular hydrogen inhalation therapy?

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June 9th, 2020 – COVID-19 has spread rapidly worldwide affecting over 5 million COVID-19 patients worldwide. In effort to treat and prevent COVID-19, multiple medical-associated organizations have been searching for a cure for this virus. In search of an effective treatment for this virus, molecular hydrogen inhalation therapy may be a viable contender for naturally alleviating the symptoms of COVID-19 patients.

Molecular hydrogen inhalation therapy refers to a therapy in which hydrogen and oxygen gas -generated by electrolysis of water – in which this brown gas is inhaled as is.

This therapy has been originally discovered by Dr. Shigeo Ohta (Nippon Medical School) in 2007 after he discovered that hydrogen has an antioxidant effect on the human body. As of now, there are approximately 600 research papers released on its effect on the symptoms of relieving chronic disease including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-apoptosis effects; reducing oxidative stress, inflammatory response, and multiple sepsis damage; as well as reproducing organisms that protect against acute peritonitis. In addition, many successful clinical trial cases have been reported.

Particularly, the application of this hydrogen inhalation therapy has been augmented in Japan where the molecular hydrogen inhalation devices are installed in emergency rooms and ambulance vehicles to prevent excessive generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) after inhaling highly concentrated oxygen due to cardiac arrest, brain disease, and lung disease.

Recently, with the outbreak of COVID-19, oxygen masks have been inevitably given to COVID-19 patients in order to inject highly concentrated oxygen into the lung infarction; however, according to medical scientists and physiologists, this would become an accelerating agent of developing much more cytokine storm.

Hence, if molecular hydrogen inhalation is applied instead of the oxygen respirator used as the diagnosis, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of excessive ROS due to overdosed oxygen intake and to diminish the occurrence of cytokine storm caused by the virus.

Related to this case, the research cases of Korea’s high-tech medical venture company have been covered below.

Korea rose to be a global model for the management of patients and the prevention of COVID-19.

A high-tech medical startup corporation in Korea developed its molecular hydrogen inhalation device (FDA certified) to prevent and treat COVID-19 and announced their clinical trial results of applying this device to COVID-19 patients.

This company, Hue Light Co., Ltd (https://www.huelight.co.kr/en), located in Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, originally researched and developed photobiomodulation (PBM) treatment devices for immune care treatments and has expanded its spectrum to hydrogen inhalation therapy. In the study of hydrogen inhalation to prevent excessive formation of ROS in human tissues, the company discovered the potential of hydrogen and oxygen gas mixture to prevent cytokine storm. In effort to put a stop to widely spreading COVID-19 and treat the patients, Director Youn Sung Lee, head of its Immune Research Institute, displayed a promising conclusion that the COVID-19 patients treated with this therapy have fully recovered without any signs of side effects. In addition, Director Lee highlighted that this device is fundamentally also significantly effective on protecting our bodies from such viruses.

Figure 1. Director Youn Sung Lee, head of the Immune Research Institute, Hue Light Co., Ltd

In the clinical trial, Director Lee provided the molecular hydrogen inhalation devices to 9 confirmed COVID-19 patients in home quarantine (42,43,51,55,57,61,67 (2), 70 years old) for 8 days from April 22 to April 30, 2020. All these patients have been treated with 5-hours of molecular hydrogen inhalation therapy every day; as a result, all the recipients completely recovered within 4-8 days.

Considering that the duration of treatment for confirmed patients in Korea is 24.8 days on average, the company’s clinical result seems to be a quite promising method of preventing and treating COVID-19 that yet indeed needs further clinical research and trials handled in a global sector. Particularly, considering that it takes an average of 25-50 days to cure from such virus especially for elderly people, this naturopathic treatment that would significantly shorten the treatment duration to approximately 4-8 days may contribute to immensely reducing the economic and social expenses.

Specifically, considering that viruses mutate to have multiple variants, extensive research and clinical trials with greater number of subjects worldwide should be needed for this therapy treatment to become a prominent prevention and treatment method of treating such viruses. Considering that such treatment does not have any known limitations and side effects that chemically developed drug treatments may have, implementing this device as a formal treatment method, rather than an alternative treatment method, should be respected.

According to Director Lee, molecular hydrogen inhalation treatment is effective solely when the sum of hydrogen and oxygen (66.66%: 33.33%) gas is at least 1,250cc/min. The reason is that inhaling only hydrogen can expose one to the risk of hypoxia. Furthermore, due to the very small nature of hydrogen, many molecules are lost in the process of inhalation even if it’s highly concentrated amount. Moreover, there are many parts that are lost at the nasal (nose) entrance before the inhalation, hence the amount injected into the human body is not very much. In addition, as it is inhaling gas, it must be very clean. He mentioned that the electrode membrane that separates hydrogen from the polymer electrolyte system (PEM) must not contain any substances other than sterile distilled water. Therefore, the alkali electrolyte system for an industrial use or hydrogen from a by-product is not suitable for a treatment-use respirator.

Meanwhile, it is well known that the most tissue damage and discomfort caused by the COVID-19 virus is caused by inflammatory cytokine storms and oxidative stress rather than the virus itself. According to the company’s Immune Research Institute, molecular hydrogen inhalation treatment can significantly reduce the symptoms of damaged tissues such as influenza and other serious viral infections while suppressing the occurrence of cytokine storms and reducing oxidative stress.

Director Lee also explains why the molecular inhalation treatment can be a safe, reliable and effective treatment for multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) caused by a viral epidemic

Molecular Hydrogen Removes the Cytokine Storm

Figure 2. COVID-19 pathogenesis (retrieved from Deutsches Zentrum Immuntherapie (DZI), Erlangen, Germany)

Oxidative stress activates the ‘complement’ system to produced diverse chemically active substances such as leukotriene and ultimately stimulates neutrophils. Predominantly, inflammatory substances infiltrates in many organs, and all these pathogens persistently stimulate the immune system, causing an uncontrollable inflammatory response. Thus, inflammatory cytokines secrete storms throughout the body. Cytokines also activate neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, lymphocytes, and monocytes, leading to a vicious cycle that produces more and more inflammatory cytokines, which Director Lee states that it is the most dangerous consequence from the viral infections. Hence, cytokine storms and oxidative stress attempt to eliminate the pathogens; meanwhile, they cause fatal symptoms such as multiple lung damage, alveoli and other normal tissue damage, and acute respiratory distress syndrome that lead to spreading damage to other organs.

Consequently, when inflammation and oxidative stress damage the tissues and the organs, they lead to persistent dysfunction of fibrosis and many organs. Therefore, it is important to remove these considerable amounts of cytokines and oxidative stress in a timely manner, and Director Lee states that the viable solution to this is molecular hydrogen inhalation treatment. Hydrogen inhalation therapy can protect tissues and organs from the harmful effects of pathogen infection, and Director Lee asserts that the company will continue to collaborate with diverse medical schools and government agencies in conducting diverse clinical trials.

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