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Companies and Schools See Huge Savings with BIN95 Educational Software Perpetual Licenses

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BIN95 extends the inflation-busting technical educational license discounts for another year.

March 16th, 2023 – BIN95, a leading provider of industrial automation training software, has announced the extension of their technical educational license discounts for another year, providing substantial savings for both technical schools and companies.

By utilizing BIN95’s educational site licenses, and by making the electrical maintenance and automation course library available to all employees, companies can reduce downtime and increase profits.

According to Don Fitchett, President of BIN95, “With a one-time investment ranging from $4,000 to $8,000 (which covers existing and future employees), companies can easily save ten times the amount they spent or even more in downtime savings every year.”

The various bundles of automation training software that BIN95 offers are commonly utilized for several purposes including continuous learning in the workplace, cross-training, onboarding, and new-hire screening. The educational licenses are considered to be the most cost-effective Site and Enterprise software licenses available in the market today, while also being extremely flexible. In response to the pandemic, BIN95 has extended its licensing policy to enable employees to work on courses from their homes on their own time and computer, without requiring an internet connection. This added licensing flexibility has proven to be beneficial to companies, as it provides an even greater opportunity to save costs.

Technical schools and institutions can also benefit from BIN95’s automation training software bundles. Instructors can use the courses in class as training aids or give students access to independent study. With the courses being affordable, high schools can also make the electrical maintenance and automation course library available to all students.

BIN95’s automation training software bundles are perfect for electrical training institutes, company training departments, technical schools, universities, community colleges, apprenticeship programs, and other industrial training institutes. Their cost-effectiveness and flexibility make them an essential tool for improving the skills and productivity of technical workers and students across a variety of industries.

Bin95 is currently offering over 100 training products in popular fields such as automation, maintenance, mechanical, engineering, and more. The company is providing unlimited student Site and Enterprise Licenses for industrial automated control systems curriculum/courseware. Additionally, until the end of the year, the Maintenance Technician Training Software Bundle is being offered at a fixed 50% discount on perpetual Enterprise Licenses, without any hidden charges or conditions. By obtaining an Enterprise License, schools or companies can incorporate a comprehensive curriculum of numerous courses for students worldwide. The curriculum is designed to be accessible to all students across multiple campuses and to all employees in any company, regardless of size, for many years to come. The academic design of these curriculums adheres to the standards set forth by the American Higher Education Commission.

Obtaining one of the two perpetual unlimited student licenses allows organizations to bypass the arduous task of creating a curriculum from scratch. These pre-made content modules and courses are easily accessible for immediate use. Furthermore, there are no undisclosed fees, stipulations, or agreements when purchasing the perpetual Enterprise License for the Maintenance Technician Training Software Bundle, as per recent accounts. With this license, there are no limitations on installations, and any number of students can take the courses provided in this software bundle.

The software bundle can be accessed without an internet connection after it has been downloaded, making it ideal for distance learning. The course instructors are provided with a lab manual for added convenience. Each course in the bundle is highly interactive, featuring built-in simulations, audio narration, and supplementary learning materials.

These industrial control systems training courses, such as the Koldwater Rockwell automation training series, are a cost-effective way to enhance the learning experience in technical university programs, community colleges, and city colleges. They are also a convenient out-of-the-box solution for corporate training and development departments.

Perpetual Site licenses (SL) and perpetual Enterprise licenses (EL) can be obtained at bin95.com. For more information on BIN95’s educational software perpetual licenses, visit their website or contact their sales team.

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