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Close More Deals Free eBook Reveals Insider Secrets

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March 10th, 2023 – The Close More Deals eBook, released by Business Health Matters-Executive Coaching, is a comprehensive guide to help business owners and sales professionals master the sales process.

The eBook covers various topics, including prescriptive selling, understanding customer needs and wants, creating compelling sales pitches, and closing sales. The eBook is recommended by industry professionals such as David Bennet, CFA CFP, and Peter Kelsch, Principal BOMB Digity Ventures, who praise it for its impactful insights and direct approach.

Business owners and sales professionals have long sought ways to maximize their sales process but have often needed more questions than answers. Now, a new eBook entitled #1 Sales Process To Close More Deals from Business Health Matters-Executive Coaching provides the insight needed to take the guesswork out of the sales process.

The Close More Deals eBook is a complete guide to help master the sales process, perfect for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and anyone looking to increase their sales skills.

David Bennet, CFA CFP stated “This eBook is concise and impactful for building a strong sales practice. Alan’s business success proves that “Selling the Why, not the What” works! I recommend this eBook to anyone that is customer or client-facing.”

The eBook provides readers with the knowledge they need to develop a successful sales process.

It covers topics such as prescriptive selling, understanding customer needs and wants, the Why’s and not What’s, creating an effective sales pitch, and closing the sale.

Peter Kelsch, Principal BOMB Digity Ventures indicated, “I follow Alan Wozniak’s content for his take on sales trends and the more significant business landscape. I appreciate his considerate yet direct approach, and his new eBook, #1 Sales Process to Close More Deals, does not disappoint. It is a fantastic read.”

Business Health Matters president Alan Wozniak stated, “We are excited to share our knowledge and experience with our readers. This eBook is packed with valuable information that business owners and sales professionals can use to take their sales process to the next level.”

The #1 Sales Process To Close More Deals eBook is accessible online and in select retail stores.

For a FREE copy of the CLOSE MORE DEALS eBook or more information, please visit:

www.businesshealthmatters.org/closemoredeals/ or visit the website at: www.businesshealthmatters.org

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