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Axiom Print Introduces Best-of-its-kind Sticker and Label Printing for Businesses and Consumers to Empower Brand Recognition

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February 16th, 2022, Glendale, CA — Axiom Print, one of the leading and competitive printing companies based in Los Angeles, continues creating and offering new products, which are not only great additions to marketing essentials but also great contributors for boosting brand recognition and visibility.

Axiom Print has a user-friendly online platform for labels and stickers offering an easy ordering tool, variety of material selection and allows for customization of any labels.   They continue to extend  their personalized service to small businesses like you.  Axiom Print will help guide you in product selection, design process and print.   Give your brand a label makeover with professionals that are experts in the label and sticker world.

Custom Labels and Individual Stickers of All Shapes and Sizes:

At Axiom Print Custom stickers or adhesive labels are printed in many various shapes and sizes. They come in different colors, designs, and are usually adhered to products such as jars, bottles, cans, tubes, boxes, and other locations to give you an enhanced presentation of your brand.  These labels are commonly used for promotional purposes, brand recognition and they are a great way to provide your clients with basic product information.

There are multiple factors affecting consumer behavior and decision-making processes.   Simply having the best product will not get you to your end results, the customer.  Oftentimes people select products on the shelfs that have beautifully designed bottles, and labels.  Labels serve an important purpose on your product. Labels and stickers contain important information required legally and for your customers knowledge as well as present your brand.  The quality and enhancements you select for your brand label will be a buying decision making factor for your customer.

Being a trusting partner to your business Axiom Print offers:

  • Custom Printed Individual Stickers (including, but not limited to wine labels, bumper stickers, political bumper stickers)
  • Custom Printed Stickers on Sheets (kiss cut sticker sheets, holiday To and From sticker sheets)
  • Roll Labels (candle labels, double sided roll labels, holographic roll labels, pre-roll tube labels, clear roll labels, white Bopp labels, metallic labels and more)

Most people are familiar with the stickers mentioned above, while Holographic Roll Labels and Clear Roll Labels are new to the industry but loved by businesses like you. Holographic stickers elevate your brand and they definitely will catch the buyers attention.  The label has a playful rainbow effect that can be added as an accent to your already beautifully designed artwork.

Commonly used stickers for the food industry are clear labels which are perfect for bottles and jars making your product see through. Clear Bopp labels inspire trust in the buyer because they are able to see the product in the glass jar.  Juice bottles, vitamins, jams and other food products are the perfect fit for this selection.  These transparent labels are the new unique choices for product labeling. They allow companies to reveal their branding information modestly, giving the consumer an honest view of the product they are buying.

Axiom Print ensures that each of these sticker types can be leveraged as a powerful tool by many companies and individuals for enhancing their brand recognition and sales prospects.

Individual Approach to Each Client

Going beyond just printing, Axiom Print creates a unique design and print experience for each customer, no matter if you are starting out or you are ready for bulk orders.  Axiom Print experts will guide you through product selection that will best suit your needs.

Building your business reputation takes a lot of hard work, but the skillful and knowledgeable team at Axiom Print will be there to guide you in your printing needs.  That is one less thing to worry about when you have experts on your team.

Axiom Print offers quick turnarounds of Stickers and Roll Labels printing.  But thanks to their printing gurus, high-speed machines and brand new facilities, they offer rush printing, and even same-day printing services. They can fulfill orders on demand.

To learn more about AxiomPrint, please visit axiomprint.com

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