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Outsourcing A Product Line Utilizing Contract Packaging & Contract Manufacturing Companies

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July 8th, 2020 – Be careful with self-proclaim Co Packers & Co-Manufacturers who seem to think because they built a successful brand with their own facility, they will do the same for others by claiming their Co-Manufacturers & Co Packers. And many times, there WRONG. Thats what leads you to “the Gang that couldn’t Shoot Straight”. And God knows I have seen many of them the past 10 years. Companies makings millions with “their brand” and that is all they truly know is there brand, there system, there way of management, there way of thinking, there company culture and last, their way is the only way.

Then you have the associates of the company that were all on the wagon train riding into the success of the brand while being employed early on and again, that is all they know. That frame of thinking is what killing many brands today utilizing the wrong Co Packers & Co-Manufacturers and staying there for years making many brands lose billions of dollars.

Co Packing & Co-Manufacturing is an Art form. “Exactly” an Art form. Its about creating something together. It is not just about understanding the product, but it is also about building a relationship as a team. If you do not feel it when you go visit, then do not force it. Why should you work with a Co Packers & Co-Manufacturers that keeps you up at night thinking if your products are coming off the line in a quality manner? If there is no trust, then there is no quality, if theirs is no quality, there is NO BRAND, and if there is no brand then there is NO MONEY.

The reason you entrust in a Co Packers & Co-Manufacturers is because they are supposed to make you feel as an extension of yourself and of your Brand. Do you know the meaning to entrust? “the special sense of transferring to a superior power”. Yes, I bring my brand to you so I know you can manufacture it, just like if its was your own brand.

And that is the number 1# problem it is NOT THEIR BRAND, it is not their employees’ brand, it is not their associates’ brand. It is your brand. So the level of care is different.So, when you walk in everyone treating you like an outsider yet promising you the world. Confusing right? Those are signs again of“the Gang that couldn’t Shoot Straight”. Get up and start running fast and do not look back.

Your brand whether a startup or an existing volume base brand should be treated just like there brand. Don let them sweep you away saying their sales team will do this for you, there R&D team will do that and so on. If you do not feel equal get out fast period. And please beware of big talkers with little brains.

A Co Packers & Co-Manufacturers should not be working off retail margins with clients. That’s a pattern at many Co Packers & Co-Manufacturers Companies which normally happen when associates are promoted within the company and are not familiar with labor factors, costing structures in manufacturing and because they have no understanding whatsoever on the clients product line. So, retail margins are then issued to cover their fat asses. That is the trap many searching for a Co Packers & Co-Manufacturers fall into that eventually kills your brand. Not giving you the ability to hit the right price point with distributors & customer because you were desperate to get into Co Packers & Co-Manufacturers.

Relationships, Relationships & Relationships that is the key to utilizing a successful partnership with Co Packers & Co-Manufacturers. You need to be respected, understood, and accepted as part of the team.

Meeting request should be schedule immediately when you ask a Co Packers & Co-Manufacturers. Same goes for emails, phone calls & text messages. If you find yourself chasing after the Co Packers & Co-Manufacturers for any of those things get the hell out of there ASAP. Because you are dealing with “the Gang that couldn’t Shoot Straight”.

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Ricardo Cordero, President & CEO of Ricardo Food Group– has more than 40 years’ experience in all aspects of bakery, food, beverage products and processes. A renowned expert in Co-Manufacturing, Co-Packing & Private Label, Former Executive Chef, Former Manufacturing methodology process expert and current Manufacturing Specialist. His hobbies include antique camera collecting and is considered by many Chefs and foodservice professionals as an outstanding Pizza Connoisseur and Innovator.



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