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ODii Ultimate Grabber Tool with a Claw, Magnet and LED Flashlight is Here

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July 8th, 2020 – Everyone has been in a situation when they drop something that could not be more inconvenient to retrieve. Sometimes, a tool drops during a car repair or a credit card gets stuck between the cushions of a couch. Maybe the individual recently had surgery or injured themselves, leaving them stuck with no way to get what they need to pick up. However, the use of ODii could be helpful to all of these circumstances and more.

ODii is a patented 3-in-1 design grabber tool that helps consumers grab or pick up items that are too far for them to reach, either because the distance is inconvenient to reach or the user’s arm can’t fit into the space to get it. The grab-it-gadget device comes with three attachments, including a 19-inch extendable and bendable metal grip claw that can hold up to 10-pounds, a 23-inch detachable magnetic rod, and an ultra-bright LED flashlight.

The rising popularity warrants a full ODii grabber review to see how the versatile clamp, flashlight and magnet all work to make this ultimate 3-in-1 grabber gadget tool the MacGyver or 007 of its category. Whether you need to reach those hard to areas or attract and hold any metal object up to 2 LBS, this design and utility patented ultimate grab-it-gadget is great for grabbing your keys, phone, coins, lighters, credit cards, food and toys among other things high up on the shelves or cabinets or low down on the floor or hard to get to corners.

ODii removes the need to have to get up to get every single thing. The 19-inch claw comes from a patented design with three different functions, including the ability to hold any item that is up to 10 pounds in weight . Even though the device looks thin, the claw’s impressive strength can use a claw, a detachable magnet, and a detachable LED light, which are all included with the package.

With over 60,000 ODii gadgets already sold, it is clear that the public already has interest in this tool. The device offers a simple two-finger handle to keep a good grip while picking up any item, whether it be a set of keys, a wrapper, or an item of clothing. The device’s length is perfect for either sitting or standing to get anything out of grasp.

There are multiple packages on the official website to choose from, depending on how many of the ODii tools that users want to keep on hand. They may want just one tool to bring anywhere, or they may want to place multiple ODii devices around the home. Choose from, One ODii tool for $29.99, Three ODii tools for $59.98 or Five ODii tools for $89.97. Though the user has to pay for the cost of shipping for the first two packages, the five-pack comes with it covered. Get ODii Directly from the Official Website for the Biggest Discount

What is ODii? ODii is a tool with three different types of grips to attach to the 19-inch length to pick up most small items. The device is controlled with a finger-grip handle, and it can be collapsed to store while not in use.

How do consumers use the ODii? To open and close the handle, the user presses on the handle to pull open the spring. When using the magnet, the user doesn’t have to

Who benefits from the use of ODii? While anyone can get the benefits that ODii has to offer, anyone that has back problems or is healing from an injury will likely appreciate the extended grasp that this offers. Since this tool has a slim arm, it is easier to get into small crevices to pick up anything that they may drop, including in car repairs or behind televisions. Still, as long as the grip fits the user’s fingers, it can help them. ODii Grabber Tool Customer Reviews and User Testimonials: Does It Work For Everyone? Will the ODii tool be too much pressure for some items? Not at all. One of the unique features of this device is that consumers can control the amount of strength used by the grip, which means that any light or delicate item won’t have the risk of being damaged.

How big is the magnet? This magnet is 23 inches wide, and it is strong enough to hold up to 2 pounds of weight. Though this isn’t quite the same amount of support that the claw can carry, consumers can use this to pick up any small or loose metal item around them, including items that may be a little hard to reach in small or tight spaces.

What is the return policy for the ODii? Consumers can return this item within 30 days, due to the money-back guarantee.

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The ODii offers a helpful solution to consumers that need a little help reaching items that are just too far for them to get to. The long and skinny extension fits in the crevices that hands and arms cannot get into, and there are multiple attachments that can help. When it isn’t being used to pick up other items, it can shine the included LED light to get a better view in one of these hard-to-reach places.

For consumers that think that the ODii looks a bit familiar, they could be right! It was featured on a show in Canada called Dragon’s Den, which is fairly similar to the US-based TV show Shark Tank.

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