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AmeriHealth Fit Tracker Smart Watch: Military-Style Fitness Monitor for Weight Control, Sleep and Vitals

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June 17th, 2020 – Looking to increase your motivation? Need a record keeper to evaluate your weight loss journey? With advancements in technology comes convenience and hand-held devices. As a result, individuals can gain access to just about any information within their fingertips. That said, not all devices are equal in quality, features, or prices for that matter.

The purpose of this review is to provide a complete analysis of a recently launched smart device called the AmeriHealth Fit Tracker. One attractive facet worth mentioning here is that this respective device does not leave consumers in the dark. In fact, each purchase is said to come with resources equivalent to having both a nutritionist and personal trainer around. Intriguing, isn’t it? Below is a summary of everything that has been disclosed:

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What is the AmeriHealth Fit Tracker?

AmeriHealth Fit Tracker

The AmeriHealth Fit Tracker is a smartwatch/device designed to motivate consumers towards the right weight loss and fitness journey.

How does the AmeriHealth Fit Tracker work?

The AmeriHealth Fit Tracker works in collecting and logging information. In particular, this is done by measuring one’s steps count and distance covered, reporting the number of calories burnt, and keeping track of daily food intake and sleep patterns. Besides, this fit tracker works by reminding consumers that they need to get back on their feet, as it can detect inactivity. Simply put, the AmeriHealth Fit Tracker serves the role of a fitness coach without the harshness and the typical cost attached.

What are the AmeriHealth Fit Tracker’s built-in features?

Some of the AmeriHealth Fit Tracker’s built-in features include

Bluetooth connections: This feature allows for data transfers between one’s device and smartphone. Moreover, it can send out calls and message reminders.

IP67 Water & Sweat Proof

IP was coined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to evaluate how resistant a device is when it comes into contact with water and harsh particles. The two digits that follow IP indicate robust and moisture protection, respectively. When it comes to the AmeriHealth Fit Tracker, it is protected when coming into contact with harmful dust and can be submerged into water with a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

Built for all activities

According to the claims made, the AmeriHealth Fit Tracker is suitable and resistant to any sports, whether it be athletic workouts (i.e., jogging and running, swimming, cycling, resistance training, etc.) or outdoor activities (i.e., camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, etc.)

Other listed features worth mentioning here include its military-style device, cord-free charging, and recovery optimization – all of which are rarely found in standard smartwatches.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What colors are the AmeriHealth Fit Tracker offered in?

The AmeriHealth Fit Tracker is currently offered in Pentagon Black, National Red, and Youth Green.

I want to return my purchase, how do I do it?

If the AmeriHealth Fit Tracker doesn’t bring satisfaction, the customer service team should be contacted within 60 days of purchase. Here are some ways to do this:

Email: support@amhealthclub.com
Phone: (973) 679-7002
Mailing Address:
Standard Commerce LLC
90 East Halsey Road Ste. 333 #275
Parsippany New Jersey 07504

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How much does the AmeriHealth Fit Tracker cost?

The AmeriHealth Fit Tracker’s retail price is $99, but today, it is offered for free as long as the shipping and handling fees are taken care of. Also, each purchase will be backed by a 100%, 60-days money-back guarantee.

The different options currently available are:

  • Buy 1 AmeriHealth Fit Tracker: FREE + $14.97 S&H
  • Buy 2 AmeriHealth Fit Trackers: FREE + $12.97 S&H each
  • Buy 3 AmeriHealth Fit Trackers: FREE + $11.97 S&H each
  • Buy 5 AmeriHealth Fit Trackers: FREE + $8.97 S&H each
  • Buy 10 AmeriHealth Fit Trackers: FREE + $7.97 S&H each

Each order includes not only the tracker but also three free bonuses, which are as follows:

Bonus #1: 247 Longevity Secrets

This book carries research-backed solutions to losing weight and eliminating health concerns. In it, individuals will come to learn of simple lifestyle hacks that can promote vitality.

Bonus #2: First Access to Health Breakthroughs

Whenever the AmeriHealth Club team comes up with a new and natural health breakthrough, individuals will be informed with supporting documents and explanations.

Bonus #3: 60 days of Motivational Emails and Coaching

Although the AmeriHealth Fit Tracker can help with motivation levels, having access to personalized motivational content can potentially kickstart one’s journey, and this is one that will have access to through this bonus.

In further assessing the Terms and Conditions, it seems like consumers are not only agreeing to the AmeriHealth Fit Tracker purchase but also free 14-day access to the AmeriHealth Online Academy. This academy is said to house:

  • An extra $40 cash-back savings every month
  • Health and wellness secrets
  • Easy to follow recipes and workouts
  • Fitness plans curated by professionals

So, once the 14 days are up, individuals will be subjected to a monthly payment of $47.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the AmeriHealth Fit Tracker aims to help individuals keep their weight management goals in check. Similar to the widely known Fitbit, which makes this particular device distinctive is its price factor. On average, a Fitbit – depending on its version – can cost anywhere between $129.95 and $200. But the AmeriHealth Fit Tracker is equivalent to how much one would expect to spend on shipping alone.

When it comes to its features, it matches that of standard smartwatch devices; hence the AmeriHealth Fit Tracker appears to pass in that sense. It also has some that are individually unique to this tracker; however, AmeriHealth Club seems to have failed in elaborating on them.

For instance, consumers are told that one of the smart watch’s features is “recovery optimization,” but not much has been expounded on this. The same can be said in terms of its ability to detect inactivity. Is this after one (1) day? Five (5) days? 14 days?

Another thing that came of surprise is how the AmeriHealth Club team slid in a subscription plan hidden in the Terms and Conditions. Bearing this in mind, the AmeriHealth Club membership offers access to several resources, that would typically cost hundreds of dollars, for much less.

For instance, individuals will have access to recipes and workouts databases, which an expert will usually charge on an hourly basis.

Ultimately, individuals will have to decide whether one watch is worthwhile if so, two whether the information provided via the AmeriHealth Club is useful. Since the membership will not be charged until the 14 days are up, this period serves as a great way of understanding the club’s access in place. For more information on the AmeriHealth Fit Tracker and Club, click here.

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