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TVFix Caster Review: Streaming Media Player to Watch Netflix and Movies on a Big Screen TV

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June 15th, 2020 – TVFix is a streaming device that plugs into any television for access to movies, television shows, and sporting events from the comfort of the user’s home. It can be controlled with any device that can connect with Wi-Fi, and there is no monthly bill needed to access it.

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What is TVFix?

TVFix Caster Review

It is no secret that it can cost a lot to be able to stream any show or movie, and there’s no service that quite offers it all. While even satellite cable has thousands of channels, the only way to watch any show is with a recording device, and users are restricted to the episodes as they air. Even with services like Hulu or Netflix, there are some shows that only include a few seasons, and adding on subscriptions to premium channels still limits the movies that consumers can watch.

There are many people that turn to illegal methods of pirating shows and movies to have the freedom that they want to have, but there’s a fully legal and safe way to do this – TVFix. TVFix doesn’t come with subscription fees for every single channel and there’s no surprise charges during the year. Consumers with a fixed income don’t have to worry about the automatic payments that come with other services, because the charge is over and done with as soon as the user buys TVFix.

TVFix makes it possible to watch nearly anything from the “all-in-one media hub” that uses free media hub, TV apps to give users access to both movies and sports. It operates with HD capability, and it can connect with the user’s existing Hulu and Netflix subscriptions on any television. Other channels that may be viewed through the TVFix include:

  • HGTV
  • Cinemax
  • Showtime
  • Starz
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Curiosity Stream
  • HBO
  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • PGA Tour

The setup takes almost no time, though specific instructions are only provided with the purchase. For the most part, consumers should be able to plug the device into any media hub, TV apps, HDMI outlet and control everything that goes on the screen from a phone, tablet, or computer. When the user is not watching their favorite show or movie, they can keep the device plugged in to check their social media accounts or check out other websites.

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Buying TVFix

The website currently has a 50% off deal that brings down the price to $49.99 per TVFix Caster. However, since the device needs to be plugged into the TV that the user wants to stream from, it may be helpful to get multiple TVFix Casters at once. To reduce the overall cost, there are other packages that reduce the price per unit as the number ordered gets bigger.

  • Two TVFix Casters for $99.98
  • Three TVFix Casters for $112.48
  • Four TVFix Casters for $137.47

Shipping is not included with the price.

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TVFix provides consumers with the flexibility of watching anything that they want without losing a bunch of money every month and every year on their streaming and cable services. The device just needs an HDMI port to plug into, and the user connects their phone or computer wirelessly to act as a remote control. There’s no complicated installation, though consumers may want to have a device for each TV they want to stream from.

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