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Greenville South Carolina Business “Rice and Associates” Expands into Raleigh North Carolina

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Greenville, South Carolina, August 8th, 2019 – Founded in 2018 by Mondazia (Dazia) L. Rice, Rice and Associates LLC serves as Greenville’s Premier Business, Legal and Real Estate consulting company. The company specializes in small business consulting, start-ups, credit repair and real estate consulting. In 2019 the company merged with Legalshield to offer affordable legal services to individuals and their families along with a new expansion into the Raleigh North Carolina Area. Both locations offer all of the same services with the same hours of operation. Rice and Associates Mission is simple: Be everyone’s favorite place to do business.

Rice and Associates was founded in August of 2018 by Founder Mondazia L. Rice. Serving as Greenville’s Premier Business, Legal and Real Estate Company. Specializing in Small Business Start-Ups, Credit Repair, and Real Estate Consulting. The company originally started with its first location downtown Greenville in the old BANK OF AMERICA BUILDING. As time progressed Dazia pulled out budgeting plans for the business and realized when her clients came to visit her they had to pay for parking because of the buildings location. This matter immediately drove Dazia to consider relocating Rice and Associates to a new office space away from the heavy traffic and costly fees.

After 2 months of researching Greenville’s most acclaimed areas Rice and Associates found it’s new home on one of Greenville’s most popular roads: PELHAM

With heavy promoting and marketing of the Rice and Associates Brand and it’s customer and service based approach … There was no doubt that this small business would become the next big thing in the upstate. Almost a year later Rice and Associates has expanded their services and business with the opening of a new office location in Raleigh North Carolina. Which is now open for business.

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