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Tigress Alert Personal Safety Device Scares Away Attackers with a Screaming Noise

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July 8th, 2020 – Travelling alone, and especially at night, can be dangerous for anyone. Even before the many riots and attacks across the country, going anywhere without someone else around can leave a woman at risk for being assaulted, even if just for the money in her purse. An attacker will wait for the opportune moment to strike, and that is usually when their potential victim isn’t expecting anything. Sometimes, there isn’t enough time to make a phone call, but the Tigress Alert keychain can get someone’s attention.

Tigress Alert is a loud device that users can set off in the even of a mugging or any other attack to scare off the assailant. The device doesn’t actually alert the authorities directly, but the sound emitted could be enough to deter someone or get help from a passerby.

When the user activates the power of Tigress Alert, the assailant’s eardrums are pierced with an “ear-splitting ‘scream’” from the device. It doesn’t send a signal to the police or other emergency services, but this sudden shock of noise will help to reduce the likelihood that the user will be a victim of this attack.

The device is small enough and lightweight enough to keep on a keychain, making it easily accessible when needed to play the 130-decibel alert. To activate it, the user pulls the pin from the side of the device, triggering the alarm. Click here to order Tigress Alert from the official Website – https://www.tigress-alert.com

Tigress Alert Personal Safety Device

Buying Tigress Alert, The product is still new, and the company is working to create more publicity with a 50% off special introductory offer. With this discount, customers can get: One Tigress Alert alarm for $39.99, Two Tigress Alert alarms for $79.98, Three Tigress Alert alarms for $89.98, Four Tigress Alert alarms for $109.97. If this alert isn’t exactly what the user needs for their defense, the company offers a 30-day return policy.

Tigress Alert provides a loud defense against an attack, attracting enough attention to potentially deter anyone that may assault or attempt to harm the user. However, women are not the only ones who can be in danger. Children or even senior citizens can be easy targets, but the device doesn’t need any special effort to activate it, making it ideal for them as well. Anyone who could be hurt in an attack should keep the Tigress Alert with them at all times, and the company offers several multi-device packages so that the whole family can be protected.

Tigress Alert

Click here to order Tigress Alert from the official Website – https://www.tigress-alert.com

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