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New Portable Air Cooling Fan And Air Purifying Cleaner from Blaux Debuts

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July 8th, 2020 – It doesn’t matter whether you want to take a break from the hot sun or simply prefer a cooler environment while you sleep; Blaux Personal Fan allows you to control the surrounding temperatures. This will likely help to enhance and improve working outdoors, provide greater relaxation, and enjoy your leisure time.

The Blaux Wearable AC unit is a personal air cooler and air purifier that not only blows chilled air up into your face while wearing around your neck, but also cleanses the air with built-in antibacterial filters. As innovation and technology would have it, no longer is the concept of having an air conditioner have to be to cool a whole house or soak up unfavorable amounts of electricity every summer.

So can you really make the air around you fresh and clean with the Blaux Wearable AC and personal fan device? Let’s review the ins and outs of the Wearable air conditioner from Blaux and see if this mini-personal fan and air cleaner is right for you during these trying times of beating the summer heat.

Blaux Personal Fan is advertised as a high quality personal cooling device worn around the neck that will help you cool and purify the air around you in these environmentally challenging times. Moreover, you can get this wearable fan with several great features. Blaux personal fan is a convenient and lightweight air cleaner that comes complete with a high-tech design that is taking the United States by storm as a new summer heat busting air conditioner device.

With each model of the fan, you will enjoy the following high quality features: The machine is capable of moving a substantial amount of air, which is rated at over 1.9 CFM (CFM stands for Cubic feet per minute). It comes in a one-size-fits-all piece.Features an easy to position air flow mechanism.Features a LED- ring power and charge indicator.Comes in 3 fan speed modes.Has a USB-C charging port.Offers a 30- hour continuous use.Is designed with high quality components. Is easy to clean and maintain.

The Blaux Wearable AC unit comes with a 30-day warranty with a full refund if a user is dissatisfied with its performance. Now, if the Blaux Wearable Air Conditioning device is going to help users overcome overwhelming heat and humidity as extreme temperatures begin to set in for the seasonal change, let’s unearth the inner workings of this industry-leading wearable air conditioner by Blaux that uses technology from a group of elite German engineers.

How the Blaux Personal Wearable AC Fan Works. Immediately after unpacking the box, you will find the Blaux Personal Fan ready to use for up to 30 hours with one full charge of the fan. The rechargeable Blaux air conditioner is designed as an easy-to-use gadget with minimal user setup or tech skills required. This powerful, lightweight and compact air cooling neck fan enables you to enjoy a clean fresh with the built in antibacterial filter everywhere you go.

The fan offers users convenient personal cooling while helping to filter out harmful particles. It comes with a thermoelectric plate that makes for excellent personal cooling. It features an internal back-cooling vent which is fitted inside a chamber. It has a unique Ionizer inside the fan chamber that works as a mechanism for reducing pollutants and allergens. This allows for the Blaux Wearable AC to not only cool and clean the air you breathe in the environment, but moisturize it too for a breath of breezy, pure air. The fan is also unique since it is capable of adding moisture to the air, thus preventing the skin from drying or becoming irritated. The Blaux Portable AC utilizes the 3-speed blowing fan to attract outside air through the water filter curtain pads, enabling the anti-bacterial filtration system to cleanse impurities while lowering the room temperature by evaporating the water within the pads. Then, this process results in the cooled air being evenly distributed directly to your personal space.

Who Should Use the Blaux Personal Fan and Air Cleaner? People with respiratory and lung problems can use the Blaux Personal Fan since it produces a crisp, clean, and filtered air that refreshes and keeps harmful particles from entering the nose and lungs.

The Blaux Personal Fan is a “One Size Fits All” You only need to place it around the neck, and the machine’s high-tech fans, which are conveniently positioned in front, will refresh and cool you. Many consumers find it very useful during the summer months.

Moreover, the fan is highly recommended for people-on-the-go. This is because the Blaux is constructed as a premium model and is designed with a convenient cooling plate technology. The device also features an built in filter that works as an antibacterial filter. MUST SEE: Shocking New Blaux Wearable AC Report May Change Your Mind! If consumers live in a place characterized by hot and humid temperatures, a Blaux fan is just the right personal gear to have and use.

Blaux Wearable AC Air Conditioner Complaints and Risks, Given the immense popularity of the Blaux Wearable AC, consumers are savvy enough to search online for complaints and hidden risks associated with a newly released product that is both innovative and high in demand. While the newness of the Blaux Wearable AC automatically helps reduce the complaints about the personal air cooler, there are a few risks upfront users should be aware of. However, one of the first things to note is that Blaux Wearable AC scam notions are completely fabricated online. Any user complaints about the Blaux Wearable Air Conditioner unit seem to have no steam behind them and are essentially fruitless to-date. ALSO READ: Blaux Wearable AC Customer Reviews and User Testimonials: Does It Work For Everyone?

The one main sticking point that is circulating online about the Blaux Wearable AC customer complaints is the slower than normal shipping times. While the company behind the Blaux Wearable AC has addressed these complaints head on, any concerned consumer should absolutely reach out directly to the company to make sure any unanswered questions get addressed properly.

Pricing Options on the Blaux Wearable AC, Right now, you can receive a special introductory discount price and save 50% in costs when you place your order while supplies last. By clicking the link below, the half off cost savings will be automatically applied directly to your order, ensuring the lowest price possible for the Blaux Wearable Air Conditioner unit.

Here is the rundown on how much the Blaux Wearable AC costs, 1 Blaux Wearable AC and Personal Fan = $69.99 (regularly priced at $107.68), 2 Blaux Wearable ACs and Personal Fans = $139.99 (regularly priced at $215.35), 3 Blaux Wearable ACs and Personal Fans = $157.48 (regularly priced at $323.03), 4 Blaux Wearable ACs and Personal Fans = $192.47 (regularly priced at $430.71)

All Blaux Wearable AC purchases come complete with a 30-day money back guarantee where if you are not completely in love with your Blaux Personal Air Conditioning Fan, simply get in touch with the company and send the items back for a full refund ore replacement.

The Blaux Wearable AC Personal Fan unit uses a patented design and technology to enable adjustable air flow to your neck and head via dual output functionality. With a catalogue of desirable features and benefits, the Blaux Wearable AC has a Fan Air Volume 1.9 CFM (cubic feet per min), while offering a 120° Positionable air blade outlet with 5° Flex Fit for different neck sizes. The enclosed fan mechanism prevents hair and other loose objects from getting sucked in while the 3 Fan Speed Modes (Low Med High) are managed by an LED ring to indicate power on and charging status. Between the Type-C charging port with protective cover, removable vents for cleaning, battery runtime fan only (hours) with a Low 30 – Med 20 – Hi 15 – 3.7V Lithium Battery capacity 3000mAh and 4 hr charging time, the wearable Blaux Portable Air Conditioning Fan is simply the cream of the crop when it comes to dealing with extreme temperatures and heat exhaustion.

While there are a dozen and half reasons and ways to use the Blaux Wearable AC, none is better than envisioning a rapidly cooled and chilled air blowing up from your neck to your face on a hot and humid summertime day. If, for any reason, you can think of why a Blaux Wearable AC unit may be beneficial for you, whether ensuring breathing safe, filtered air or avoiding overheating, the personal air fan and air cooler is the best option on the market today for on the go portable convenience.

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For those who need customer service and support assistance for the Blaux Wearable AC, here is the following information that will best help. To get in touch with Blaux, a Hong Kong-based consumer products brand managed by Strong Current Enterprises

Limited, please use the following information for the quickest and swiftest response times. The details for Strong Current Enterprises’s Blaux Wearable AC are as follows:

– Phone (USA): 609-414-7087
– Phone (Canada): 778-300-0854
– Phone (UK & Ireland): 08708 200084
– Phone (Australia & New Zealand): (02) 8607 8316
– Mailing Address: 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

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