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Health Fit Pro Watch: Fitness Activity Tracker for Heart Rate, Blood Pressure & Oxygen Levels

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June 17th, 2020 – The Health Fit Pro-Watch is a smartwatch that tracks health data for the user, including blood pressure, oxygen, and heart rate. The device connects with either iOS or Android devices to read reports on the data collected.


What is the Health Fit Pro Watch?

Health Fit Pro Watch

Wearable smart technology is a trendy cross-breed of fashion meets function, allowing consumers to keep a chic design that works with their look with the tech to keep users connected. There are already many brands of products that let users connect their smartphones to their wristbands or other accessories, but each one suits the needs of the user.

The new Health Fit Pro Watch acts as a fitness activity tracker for consumers to take note of their steps, calories burned, and distance walked during the day, displayed on a giant LED screen. The waterproof IP67 certified device connects with any Apple or Android smartphone, allowing users to both record their health data and view their notifications for calls or texts. To view the heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen recordings, users can use the Health Fit Pro Watch app. All of the information is kept here for viewing later or as a resource for doctor’s visits.

Buying the Health Fit Pro Watch

The total cost that users will pay for each watch will entirely depend on how many watches they want to order at once. If The user wants the best value for each purchase, they should choose the five-watch package for $267, which will bring down the cost to $53.40 for each one. If the user buys just a single watch, the price goes up to $89 each.

Other packages available include:

  • Two Health Fit Pro Watches for $139 ($69.50 each)
  • Three Health Fit Pro Watches for $177 ($59 each)
  • Four Health Fit Pro Watches for $219 ($54.75 each)

If the user doesn’t get what they need from the Health Fit Pro-Watch, they can reach out to the customer service team for a refund.


The Health Fit Pro Watch lets consumers keep track of their health data while remaining connected to their smartphone. There’s no need to keep a phone out in the middle of dinner or even a date because the watch will show users if they need to check it. Plus, if the user has any worrisome health conditions, their heart rate and other data are recorded to show a doctor or use in their fitness efforts. All of the information is delivered in real-time from the smartphone and to the app, which means even the smallest changes will be noted with a timestamp.

While it is unclear exactly the advantages that consumers will have other wearable smart technology, the use of this watch makes it easier to stay on top of the user’s health.

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