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Trends Exchange launches a global digital community and virtual event series for future-focused professionals

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June 8th, 2020 – Trends Exchange connects strategic thinkers to a dynamic network of information, people, and emerging ideas in the world of technology and business.

  • Trends Exchange will kick off with a weekly video series, exploring the intersection of popular culture and business trends
  • Trends Exchange will host virtual summits for Digital Humans Day and Vertigo Day with industry experts analyzing new innovations in technology

Trends can be up-and-coming startups, interesting ideas, new industries, or just the general direction in which something is developing or changing.

Industry innovators identify trends, adapt their business models, and align their value propositions. They prepare for the evolution of their industry in order to benefit from exponential change when it arrives. If you don’t have the ability to understand trends and their implications for your business, you run the risk of becoming irrelevant.

According to research from Bank of America and ShawSpring Partners, in the span of 8 weeks from March 2020 to April 2020, e-commerce’s share of total retail sales surged from 16% to 27%. For context, the rise from 5.6% to 16% took 10 years.

The companies that invested heavily in their e-commerce strategies in 2009 saw the greatest benefits from the pandemic e-commerce surge in 2020. They identified the trend years in the making, aligned their business models, and set themselves up for exponential returns.

In this exponential period, Shopify reported a 46% boost to gross merchandise volume by way of a 62% increase in the number of Shopify-powered stores. Udemy (the online education platform) reported a 425% increase in consumer enrollment. Forbes said that even the grocery delivery company, Instacart, became profitable for the first time.

Trends in Remote Networking
Conversely, during this same time period, we’ve seen a great retraction in Face-to-Face networking, which is setting us up for an emerging trend in new digital networking opportunities.

The pandemic has grounded nearly all business travel and the results are catastrophic. The Virgin Group estimates that for every dollar companies invest in business travels, the company receives a value of twelve-and-a-half dollars in return. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the average company loses an estimated 17% of profits when they eliminate all business travel.

Face-to-Face networking has been forced to go entirely digital, long before the world was ready to. Out of this need will come innovative ways of digital networking.

“What do the church, the bar, the coffee shop, the barbershop, the library, and the gym all have in common? They’re all apart of “the third space.” Your office, your home, and then the third space – where you attend to your hobbies and interests. They’re arguably the most important locale to your well-being because it’s where we all go for emotional maintenance and social belonging. It’s how we stay sane. It’s where we find community.

Over the past two decades, we’ve seen a massive migration from these communities to digital third spaces – replacing the physical connections with digital bonds. Although it’s too early to know if it’s a good or bad transition. Regardless, digital communities will be the next evolution of “exclusive networking rooms” and private virtual events will be the digital substitute for conferences and meetups.”

– QuHarrison Terry, Growth Marketer at Mark Cuban Companies

Introducing Trends Exchange
Launching today is Trends Exchange, a digital community for future-focused professionals who are fascinated by emerging ideas, industries, and technologies.

Trends Exchange comes from the team behind Inevitable/Human, a community for future thinkers that has produced more than 250 trend briefings on the future of technology. They worked with BMW for the world premiere of their Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Concept i4 vehicles, produced the Future of Health Station on Dash Radio with Providence St. Joseph’s Health, and more.

On June 15th, Trends Exchange will launch a weekly video series – Trends Explored – exploring the intersection of popular culture and commercial trends. How will celebrity chefs like Rachael Ray capitalize on the accelerating delivery business through branded ghost kitchens? In what ways will Tony Robbins and other motivational speakers update their offerings in light of the no-code business tools available to entrepreneurs? Trends Explored identifies commercial trends and uniquely outlines them through the lens of Wall Street, Mainstreet, and Sidestreet.

On June 30th, Trends Exchange is hosting Vertigo Day – a virtual event exploring how doctors are using virtual reality to treat dizzy patients worldwide. How will new platforms emerge to educate people about the treatment options available to them? How will technology be used to treat balance disorders, a condition that afflicts a third of the national population?

“The vestibular industry has a massive information deficit – where the right information isn’t reaching the patients that need it most. Vertigo Day represents a change where our industry is taking steps to market and reach patients on a global scale.”

– Dr. Brooke Pearce, Co-Founder of the Dizzy & Vertigo Institute of Los Angeles

On July 14th, Trends Exchange will host Digital Humans Day – a virtual event exploring how organizations are using digital humans and conversational AI to significantly change buyer behaviors and create new brand experiences across multiple verticals including retail, healthcare, technology, retail banking, among others.

“The world has changed rapidly in 2020 and the evolution of digital interfaces is being accelerated as companies are re-thinking how they remain relevant and connected with their customers. Take retail as an example industry that is seeing more demand for online and contactless physical experiences. Forward-thinking brands will evolve to create impactful customer interactions at scale using digital humans.

These new digital experiences, powered by conversational and emotional AI, change the game on how brands become relevant again by talking with their customers and not at them. The ROI potential when getting this right is huge.”

– Danny Tomsett, Founder & CEO of UneeQ

About Trends Exchange
Trends Exchange is a digital community for strategic thinkers who are fascinated by emerging ideas, industries, and technologies.

To Learn more, please visit us online at http://trends.exchange

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