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Blaux Wearable AC and Blaux Portable AC Personal Air Conditioners Debut

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June 8th, 2020 – There is nothing that drives someone quite as crazy as being constantly uncomfortable, but Blaux has developed several solutions that can help out. With their new portable AC, consumers get a humidifier that brings cool air by chilling the water inside the basin, circulating it through the entire room it is placed in.

Consumers that are out and about a lot in this heat don’t have the advantage of sitting in a cool room, but they can purchase another item from Blaux – their Wearable AC. Hanging just around the neck, the device gently blows cool air at the user’s neck and face.

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What is a Blaux Wearable AC?

The Blaux Wearable AC is exactly what it sounds like – an air conditioning system that can be worn around the neck with three different positionable air flows. It offers the circulation of a personal fan, emitting air from both ends. However, this person air cooling device is more than just a cooling unit; it also acts as an air purifier to create a cleaner environment for the user.

How Does the Blaux Wearable AC Work?

To keep the air clean, the Blaux Wearable AC ionizes the air to eliminate the toxic molecules in the air that can spread disease, disperse chemicals, and allow bacteria to continue to spread. With the filters inside, the air circulated through the fan continues to be clean, while releasing cool air when the user needs it most.
If the air becomes stale over time or doesn’t offer the same purity, users can replace the filters with the subscription.

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How is the Blaux Portable AC Different?

The Blaux Portable AC offers a broader option for consumers. While the wearable one has the advantage of going absolutely anywhere with the user, a portable AC offers coolness around the entire room. It can be moved from place to place as needed, since it is compact, and it acts as a humidifier instead. There’s no cord needed to keep it active, which is a distinct advantage for individuals that may not have direct access to electricity.

How a Portable AC Works

The Blaux Portable AC, like the Wearable AC, works to circulate clean and cool air. However, instead of ionizing the air, the cooler uses a water curtain, which offers a filter for the dust that can flow through the air. The circulation that it offers should be enough to cool one person, but Blaux recommends using a cooler for each person that needs the relief.

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Buying the Blaux Coolers

Regardless of whether the user chooses to purchase one or both of the devices, the best option is through the official websites for each, since they are both offering a 50% discount at the moment.

For one portable AC, the total cost is $124.99, but there are multiple packages available, which include:

  • Two portable ACs for $249.98
  • Three portable ACs for $281.23
  • Four portable ACs for $343.72

The wearable AC, since it offers a more personal relief and doesn’t require nearly the same power, is almost half the price at $69.99. Like the portable AC, there are multiple package options, like:

  • Two wearable ACs for $139.98
  • Three wearable ACs for $157.48
  • Four wearable ACs for $192.47

Customers must cover the cost to ship the products, and buyers of the wearable AC can subscribe for updates and replacement filters for $34.99 more each month.

FAQ: What Else You Should Know

How is the Blaux Wearable AC powered?

The wearable AC uses a rechargeable battery, rather than a cord to connect to electricity. However, to recharge the battery, the user can plug it into any power source with a standard USB cable. While it is unclear how long the battery takes to charge, the website states that leaving it plugged in overnight allows users to keep it on all day the next day without losing power.

Is the Blaux Portable AC loud?

Not at all. The quiet technology and motor in the Portable AC is exactly why it is ideal for offices, nurseries, bedrooms, and other relaxing areas.

Is the Wearable AC safe for long hair?

Even though individuals with long hair may be concerned about catching their hair or clothes while the Wearable AC is around their neck, the patented technology makes it possible to protect anything from going into the fan.

How does the Portable AC need to be set up?

There’s no extra effort beyond plugging in the device to keep it running. There’s a complete user guide included with the purchase

Final Words

The cooling products from Blaux offer much more than just the ability to cool off when the heat feels almost unbearable. Instead, each of the devices has a unique way of purifying the air around them in the process. The Wearable AC offers coolness while on the go, while the Portable AC unit keeps their workspace, bedroom, or any other room more bearable. Both are much more affordable than installing a new AC for the whole building, offering a massive discount for a limited time through Blaux.

Buy the Blaux Wearable AC here and Buy the Blaux Portable AC here to help beat the summertime heat and avoid overheating in extremely hot and humid temperatures this season!

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