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Soul Insole Shoe Bubble: Massaging Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain Relief

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May 27th, 2020 – The Shoe Bubble by Soul Insole is a type of orthotic support for shoes that reduces impact on the joints and supports the arch with the perfect fit. Advertised as the #1 choice amongst medical practitioners and athletic therapists around the world, consumers can wear the insoles again and again with the same reliable performance.

What is the Soul Insole Shoe Bubble?

Soul Insole Shoe Bubble Massaging Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis

No ensemble is complete without the right pair of shoes, but there’s much more to consider beyond the color scheme. Even the most comfortable shoes can lose their support over time, which is why separate insoles have become so lucrative in the apparel industry. These insoles slide easily into shoes to create better support and alignment, but problems like shoe crowding and their absorption of odors can create completely new problems.

Soul Insole set out to create an insole that offers all the support consumers need, while eliminating the problems that they often face with their current product. The company’s marketing tagline – “made by people who care” – is evident in the products they make, providing users with both the structure that will help them be comfortable and a design that is easier to position in a shoe. Specifically highlighting the relief from plantar fasciitis, these shoe insoles also help with support for the foot’s arch, keeping healthy posture, and reducing the harsh impact of walking and running on the rest of the body’s joints.

The brand’s Shoe Bubble provides a much more cost-efficient option, especially for all of the benefits. Consumers will quickly notice the relief of pressure on the ball of their foot and their heel, helping them to walk better and even run without the same fatigue and pain that their shoes often cause. In fact, as the user walks, the design provides the user with a mobile foot massage, thanks to the pressure relief and the end of over pronation.

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Soul Insole Shoe Bubble Benefits Include

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  • Provides a gentle massage
  • Machine washable and can reuse over and over
  • Pain relief takes pressure away from the ball of the foot and redistributes it to provide support and alignment to the back and joints.
  • Retrains the natural arch support in the foot by providing posture and balance.
  • An endurance booster, your feet will have the added support and relief to go the extra mile.
  • Universal fit in any style of shoe, just place them into the shoes you are wearing, dress, casual, athletic or even sandals.

The selling website states, “Soul Insole® foot rehabilitation medical products are the #1 choice by top Athletic Therapists and Medical Practitioners worldwide. We provide guaranteed results and customer satisfaction. There simply isn’t a better-performing option. All Soul Insole® products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.”

How to Buy the Soul Insole Shoe Bubble

Soul Insole Shoe Bubble Massaging Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis - 003

While the company still has these products in stock, the cost is already cut down by no less than 25%, even with the single pair. Consumers have their choice of:

  • One pair for $29.99 (25% savings)
  • Three pairs for $59.99 (50% savings)
  • Six pairs for $95.99 (60% savings)

Consumers can choose from three sizes after they reach checkout, which include small (up to size 7.5 in women’s), medium (women’s sizes 8-11 and men’s sizes 7-10.5), or large (women’s sizes over 12 and men’s sizes over 11).

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Frequently Asked Questions: More About the Shoe Bubble

Since the market has many different brands and types of foot support, let’s unravel some of the inquiries that customers have about the Soul Insole Shoe Bubble.

Q. What types of shoes can the Shoe Bubble be used in?

A. This insole works with all types of shoes, including dress shoes, sandals, athletic, and casual shoes.

Q. How does the Soul Insole Shoe Bubble help with posture?

A. By wearing this insole, the user’s natural arch is trained to be stronger, instead of relying on the support as its strength. With stronger arches, the user stands taller with better balance, inherently keeping the spine straighter and preventing overpronation.

Q. What is overpronation?

A. Overpronation means that, when walking or moving in any way, the individual’s foot rolls inward. Basically, as the individual takes each step, their outer edge of their heel is the first to hit the ground, naturally rolling in towards the arch as they lift their foot again. Overpronation puts the user’s alignment of their foot and spine at risk, and it can cause injuries as it worsens.

Q. What does the user need to do to wash the insole?

A. While the Soul Insole Shoe Bubble cannot be placed in a washing machine, the user can wash it under water to clean off any residue or smell. The adhesive will not be damaged, and it can be placed back in any shoe after drying.

Q. What is the correct placement of the Soul Insole Shoe Bubble?

A. The company has created a video to demonstrate how to place the insoles to make sure that consumers get the support they pay for. The video can be viewed here: https://vimeo.com/203341317

Q. Where can consumers learn more?

A. To reach the customer service team, either send an email to info@soulinsole.com or call 619-746-7256.


Soul Insole Shoe Bubble sets out to fill in a major gap in foot support that seems to be lacking in the current products available. Keeping feet properly aligned and supported can make the difference in everything from posture to pain and even quality of life. There are many orthotics on the market that are cheaply made with hard plastic or weak foam, and they charge high prices. The insoles with Shoe Bubble give consumers so much more than what they pay for, and they don’t have to see a doctor or get a prescription to get them.

Though the company states their supply is limited, their orders come with a money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase.

Get the BEST Price on Soul Insole Shoe Bubble

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