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Medic Feet PRO: Shoe Insoles to Relieve Foot Pain Pressure and Plantar Fasciitis

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May 27th, 2020Medic Feet PRO is a type of silicone gel insole that can be placed on the inside of a shoe to help improve the user’s walking or for an individual that has pain from plantar fasciitis. The design also reduces bad odors, ensuring that no one has to deal with smelly shoes again.

What Does Medic Feet PRO Offer?

Medic Feet PRO Shoe Insoles

Essential workers like healthcare providers, emergency responders, and retail workers are spending longer hours on their feet than ever before. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing higher demand for these industries, overtime hours are skyrocketing and, while this is great for bank accounts, it isn’t the most relaxing for tired and sore feet.

The right shoe is just as necessary in an essential worker’s day as their morning coffee and remembering to clock in at their job. Instead of having to buy an entirely new pair of shoes at a time like this, consider a product like Medic Feet PRO.

Medic Feet PRO’s are made with an eco-friendly material and insole that they claim can relieve any type of foot pain, with a gel pad for the heel of the foot, a soft gel for the middle area, and a support material all around the feet. Though it is unclear if this pain is relieved with pressure points, arch support, or other parts of their design other than the gel padding used. With a silicone structure, the insoles are long-lasting, and customizable with the size options to trim it to your size. They are durable enough to wear everyday and works to keeps your posture aligned. This texture is also relatively easy to clean, as they are also machine washable if needed. The official website states,

  • Ergonomic design, are shoe insets for better walking in any situation and with any footwear
  • Insoles made with silicone and gel, its anti-odor composition prevents the foot from sweating and no bad odors and can be washed regularly.
  • Its design makes them excellent for sufferers of plantar fasciitis because they have an adaptable arch support
  • Special for tired feet and long days. Avoid plantar fasciitis pain and many other problems of the feet in the long term

Get the BEST Price on Medic Feet Pro

Where to Buy Medic Feet PRO

Medic Feet PRO Shoe Insoles - 002

Though there are several third party websites with products that are similar to Medic Feet PRO, purchasing from https://shopmedicfeet.com/ will provide the customer with a limited discount. Choosing from the men’s or women’s insole, the options include:

  • One pair of Medic Feet PRO insoles for $35
  • Two pairs of Medic Feet PRO insoles for $55
  • Three pairs of Medic Feet PRO insoles for $75

If this design doesn’t help the user to get rid of their pain, they have up to 14 days if they want to receive a refund in full.

Get the BEST Price on Medic Feet Pro

Frequently Asked Questions: Know More About Medic Feet PRO

Let’s dive into a few more details that can help consumers to decide on if Medic Feet PRO insoles are right for them.

Q. Are gel insoles good for support?

A. A gel arch cushion is one of the most important features of an insole, and it provides users with additional support and enhanced comfort. Gel insoles provide additional comfort with gel cushioning and gel features.

Q. What size shoe fits Medic Feet PRO?

A. The design of Medic Feet PRO can safely be trimmed into any shoe shape or size.

Q. How long do gel insoles normally last?

A. With normal use, you can expect your insoles to last about 6 months, but this varies depending on factors such as intensity of use (i.e., running vs. everyday activities) and foot structure. For serious runners, you may need new insoles every 3-4 months instead, per powersteps.

Q. Are gel insoles bad for your feet?

A. If you have very high arches, it is advisable to wear very supportive shoes, and shoe inserts can provide added support to further maintain your foot health. Insoles can be good or bad for your foot and lower body health depending on the insert and your reason for wearing them.

Q. How quickly will customers receive their order of Medic Feet PRO insoles?

A. Though COVID-19 has caused delays in shipments, the maximum delivery time is approximately three weeks. For a tracking number, consumers can use their own email address they used when ordered and their specific order code.

Q. What if the customer isn’t sure about the correct way to wear the Medic Feet PRO insoles?

A. Any customer can get a copy of the product manual by entering their email address, the TRD number for the order, and the type of product on the FAQ section of the EComerzPro website (https://ecomerzpro.net/faq.html).


Medic Feet PRO Shoe Insoles - 003

Even with the details available online about the Medic Feet PRO insoles, the website doesn’t have many details with which a customer can make a decision. Even with the FAQ section online, the most that consumers will get additional details on is the processing and shipping of their order. Still, having this type of support for the feet with long hours can make the difference that consumers need to keep going.

To learn more information about a recent order or the product itself, call 347-708-1493 to reach a representative.

Get the BEST Price on Medic Feet Pro

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