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Iconic Legacy and Michael Towner Announce Free sign Up for the California Imagine No Hunger license plate to Celebrate Hunger Action Month and John Lennon’s 79th Birthday.

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Los Angeles, CA, Sep 25th, 2019 – To celebrate Hunger Action Month and the upcoming 79th birthday of John Lennon, Michael Towner of Iconic Legacy has announced that the effort to create the “Imagine No Hunger” special license plate in California is nearing the deadline and in order to insure the requisite 7,500 registrations are submitted to the DMV prior to the January deadline, the opportunity to sign up FOR FREE is now available online at https://californiaimagine.com. Subsequent renewals will cost $40.00.

Yoko Ono Lennon has kindly authorized the use of the iconic self-portrait image of John Lennon to help the California Association of Food Banks in their ongoing fight to end hunger in California and has stated: “Imagine is a great word to spread around and I was happy to do this because it is helping a very important charity.” The California Department of Social Services has sponsored the application. https://www.cdss.ca.gov/

Michael Towner states: “The ‘Imagine’ license plate in Florida has already raised over $4 million dollars for programs to help end hunger in Florida.” The member food banks of Feeding Florida provide food to the 3.3 million Floridians facing hunger, including 1.1 million children and 700,000 seniors and the license plate can be purchased online at https://www.imaginefeedingflorida.com/order.html.

Every day in California, nearly 1 in 8 households face food insecurity. For the 6.5 million Californians struggling with food insecurity, hard choices must be made between buying food and meeting such basic needs as housing, medicine, transportation, or childcare.

“It is estimated that hunger in California could be eliminated with an investment of $300-500 million dollars annually. So, if 10 million California drivers purchased the “Imagine No Hunger” specialty plate – hunger would be eliminated from the state!” Food banks play a critical role in California’s food safety net, reaching over two million people in need annually, including children, seniors, the working poor, disabled, homeless and veterans. Using creativity and innovation, along with careful stewardship of resources, food banks in California have developed models of food procurement, food distribution, and nutrition education that are replicated nationally.

“Every person driving behind someone with an Imagine license plate will know that person is leading the way to a California absent from hunger,” states Mark Lowry, Director, CAPOC’s Orange County Food Bank (www.capoc.org).

Michael Towner, CEO of Iconic Legacy and program manager for the national Imagine specialty license plate program, states “this offer is not available for anyone who has already signed up for the ‘Imagine No Hunger’ pre-sell and is limited to California vehicle owners. You can sign up all your vehicles. The issuance of the ‘Imagine No Hunger’ special plate is subject to the completion of the 7,500 pre-registration and submission of the requisite funds to the DMV. So, we need your help now.”

Please go to https://californiaimagine.com/freeplate/, and sign up for free to help end hunger in California, one plate at a time.

About California Department of Social Services:

CDSS supports programs which serve more than eight million people across our state. This work, accomplished every day, provides stability, opportunity and promotes wellness in communities throughout California.

Learn more at: https://www.cdss.ca.gov/

About California Association of Food Banks:

CAFB partners with 41 food banks and over 6,000 local agencies. Our mission is to end hunger in California, and our vision is a well-nourished and hunger-free California, where all people have enough food to lead a healthy life.

Learn more at: https://www.cafoodbanks.org/

More information, and reserve a license plate now at: https://californiaimagine.com/freeplate/.

Twitter: @hungerCA@CaliforniaDSS@CAFoodBanks

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imaginenohungercalifornia/



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