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Markethive releases it’s new banner program.

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August 14th, 2019 – On the eve of crashing through the 18,000 Alexa ranking threshold, Markethive releases its Entrepreneur Banner program.

Thomas Prendergast, Markethive CEO just recently announced, ”Today on the threshold of Markethive’s Alexa ranking breaking through into the 18,000 range we are pleased to release another facet to our Entrepreneur upgrade the Banner control panel”.

Thomas continued explaining, “Banner advertising on the right platform for the right market under the right circumstances can produce epoch results. Pricing for banners runs about the same price throughout the industry. For instance in the Alexa ranking range of 15,000 – 20,000 the average banner cost per day is $160 or $5500 per month”.

Annette Schwindt Markethive Founder and Senior Analyst added “This is all backed up by in depth research. You are invited to do the research yourself and you will find the same results as I did as I have revealed below”. (Coinbound lists many ad prices)

Comparison Crypto News Sites with similar traffic:

COINTELEGRAPH.COM Alexa Rank 2,824 (One Month Top Banner $21,000)

NEWS.BITCOIN.COM Alexa Rank 9,318 (One Month Top Banner $5,000)

WARRIORFORUM.COM Alexa Rank 10,500 (One Month Top Banner $3,990 )

MARKETHIVE.COM Alexa Rank 18650 (One Month Top Banner $100*)

COINTRAFFIC.IO Alexa Rank 19,048 (One Month Top Banner $4,900 )

AMBHCRYPTO.COM Alexa Rank 19,613 (One Month Top Banner $5,500)

NEWSBTC.COM Alexa Rank 19,791 (One Month Top Banner $2,000)

In conclusion Douglas Yates Markethive CTO comments on the overall picture, “We are a by the people for the people blockchain platform. The Entrepreneur Upgrade was a Markethive innovation, to give the average person, the small entrepreneur an advantage to exceed exceedingly. To have access to Markethive profit share for life (The ILP) to have the other advantages big budget entrepreneurs have with a banner program including making a 30 day banner cost included with the $100 a month. Other services like a Press Release will also be included for 1 Press release a month. The savings are unheard of. Now the average entrepreneur can compete with the big wallets with this program. Douglas continued with this warning. “The Entrepreneur Upgrade is a contract with us at Markethive. As long as you stay current with it it is yours for life. But at any given time the Entrepreneur Upgrade will no longer be available to new upgrades and by that means those who are current will keep it for life but no new Entrepreneurs will be available. My warning is this, do not delay upgrading. And the ILP programme? If you miss that and discover a few years later it could be earning you $5,000 to $50,000 or more for month for life, will be a burdened you will not want to have”.

Thomas Prendergast added, “Markethive is the first Network Market, the first Network Market on the blockchain and the first Network Market that has their own real ecosystem utilizing their own coin. With this incorporated into our 3 telling 3 initiative where as telling 3 unlocks the “faucet” (the micro payment system) with incentives like our Hive Ranking, Infinity Bounty, Airdrops, and ongoing contests, we project a viral membership growth well beyond 500 million members within a year.

Markethive is truly blessed so much I wrote a blog to explain @ https://markethive.com/group/marketingdept/blog/the-blessings-upon-markethive-are-many–updated

You do not want to miss this even for a minute.”

To find out more about Markethive you can register for a free account at https://markethive.com

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