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The Szego Mill® – A new high-efficiency grinder offering significant ROI

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Toronto, March 26th, 2019 — Szego Materials Engineering Inc. has begun production of The Szego Mill, a high-efficiency industrial grinder using technology and methods unique in the world of comminution. It offers significant cost savings, with 30x greater volume capacity of a similar-sized ball mill, using up to 10x less power. The Szego Mill is a modular unit and allows tool-free maintenance, cleaning and swapping of parts to change between jobs in minutes. Customizable grinding rollers with an average 10-year life give fine control over particle output size and distribution. There is no grinding media to replace.

Invented in 1971 by Laszlo Szego, this novel machine has been heavily developed and refined over the last 4 decades by Dr. Prof. Olev Trass of the University of Toronto Applied Chemical Engineering Dept. Although never previously commercialized, the Szego Mill has been the subject of more than 20 commercial pilot projects throughout the world. These have resulted in over 30 patents and 100+ published research papers which conclude that the Szego Mill offers extremely high cost savings and return-on-investment when used with materials ranging from coal and oil fuels, to pulp and paper; anaerobic digestion of wastes; protein, oil and mineral extraction; food processing and more.

The Szego Mill will make its commercial debut at the Powder & Bulk Solids show in Toronto, June 4th – 6th. For more information please see www.szegomill.com

About the Company: Szego Materials Engineering Inc. is a family business building on four generations of ingenuity and innovation with grinding machine patents going back to 1899. All our products are invented, developed and made in Canada.