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Revolutionizing the Car Wash Industry, the Car Wash App “MobileWash” Grows 300% Yearly

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Los Angeles, CA, March 21st, 2019MobileWash, the mobile car wash app, has grown 300% each year. A true on-demand car wash app, MobileWash brings the car wash to you at home or work. This year, MobileWash has grown even further, as a spokesman confirmed “The company is expanding into 5 states by the end of Summer; from California into Nevada, Florida, Arizona and Texas.”

Unlike other mobile car wash apps, MobileWash has extremely high standards, dedicated customer service representatives, and branded vehicles. For example, MobileWash performs background checks as part of the vetting process and only partners with professional, insured, auto detailers. In addition to the Express, Deluxe and Premium options, MobileWash offers a la carte add-ons, such as clay bar treatment, paste wax and water spot removal, to name a few.

Both customers and service providers are seeing the benefits of choosing MobileWash. Thousands of weekly users trust MobileWash’s Quality Assurance Team, always working towards increased customer satisfaction.


As the company has grown, a major obstacle was converting the mindset of professional service providers to the MobileWash standard. But, through hard work and dedication, the company’s core values have been adopted by all their washers.

“We’re always improving the app to ensure customer and detailer fulfillment. Our dedicated users are wonderful. For instance, Suzy in Glendale has used MobileWash 58 times, with her Land Rover, in the last 17 months. Kris from Huntington Beach has entrusted us with his Cadillac 64 times, in the last 17 months. Matt from Long Beach has trusted us with his BMW 54 times in the past 19 months. Along with these avid users, there are many others who count on MobileWash weekly. With how expansive the company has become, we get many requests a day from cities that don’t have MobileWash yet, so ideally we’re just going to keep expanding.” Al Davi, CEO of MobileWash.

MobileWash uses dynamic pricing. The price of their car wash and auto detailing service is calculated based on the make and model of the vehicle, the time of day, and other factors.

MobileWash stands by its motto, “Car Wash in Minutes.” To experience MobileWash, download the app, on GooglePlay or App Store.



Source: MobileWash Inc.