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Professional Litigant Reveals how to Profit from Illegal Credit Pulls

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DALLAS, TX – March 1, 2019 – Jim Winner, professional litigant and creator of “Seek, Destroy and Enjoy: The Ultimate Demand Letter to Make Money from Illegal Credit Pulls,” is showing consumers how he makes money when companies pull a credit report without permission. For a limited time, he’s offering consumers special pricing of just $97 for instant access to the complete “Seek, Destroy and Enjoy” strategic action plan.

“The best way I know of to manage debt is to hack debt and literally turn debt into a source of income,” said Winner. “When a person can finally master that, debt becomes a welcomed friend and not a feared monster.”

“Seek, Destroy and Enjoy” features a 90-minute debt-hacking video action plan that explains:

  • How to contact a company that’s obtained a credit report illegally
  • How to get them to pay for the violation without hiring a lawyer or going to trial
  • The types of errors to look for that are immediately actionable
  • The best person to contact to negotiate a settlement
  • A sample demand letter
  • Step-by-step strategy for negotiating a settlement
  • The Berserker Strategy to make the most money from the widest pool of offenders

Each time an individual’s credit report is accessed, it has the potential to negatively impact their credit score. A wide variety of companies regularly pull credit reports under the guise of making a promotional offer, but then never follow through as required by law. It’s an invasion of privacy that the Fair Credit Reporting Act is designed to protect against.

Most firms are willing to negotiate a financial settlement for these smaller types of infractions rather than litigate them in Federal Court. With the “Seek, Destroy and Enjoy” debt-hacking system, consumers can potentially collect for damages from the past five years.

The special pricing on “Seek, Destroy and Enjoy” provides consumers with significant savings on a method to make money from their bad credit. It’s not a credit repair system. It’s an effective debt hacking method that provides consumers with the techniques and strategies to profit financially from companies that invade their privacy, illegally perform credit pulls, and don’t adhere to the letter of the law.

About Jim Winner Jim Winner is the founder of Professional Litigant, a pro se constitutional, consumer and civil rights private group providing legal informational material. He’s also the creator of “Seek, Destroy and Enjoy: The Ultimate Demand Letter to Make Money from Illegal Credit Pulls.” Winner is a professional litigant that has been personally involved in more than 60 legal matters including winning an appeal that changed the law in three states.


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