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Traditional IT Solutions Unable to Meet Business Expectations

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HOUSTON, TX, February 28, 2019 – EVAN, the on-demand IT support platform for growing businesses, and management consulting firm Trenegy Incorporated have announced key findings that show businesses do not have the IT support necessary to maintain day-to-day operations. Trenegy, studying the effectiveness of various companies’ IT departments, spoke with more than 200 IT managers, directors, and supervisors across multiple industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas, and professional services. They inquired about issues these businesses face with their internal IT teams and their experiences with existing IT help solutions. Data collected indicates that 80 percent of IT managers were unable to spend sufficient time on value-added business initiatives. In virtually all cases, those IT managers were interrupted with solving tedious, day-to-day support-related issues. Companies with an existing IT help desk solution noted the support they received failed to adequately address IT needs.

Employees from the participating companies cited the following issues with their existing help desk solution:

  • 95 percent noted an excess wait or hold time
  • 91 percent said it took too long to reach the correct person
  • 85 percent said it took too long to resolve issues
  • 75 percent said issues were rarely resolved after the first attempt
  • 70 percent believed help desk personnel were underqualified
  • 32 percent said communication was difficult
  • 17 percent said help desk personnel were inconsiderate

EVAN combats these issues with a non-traditional approach. Dubbed “The Uber for IT support,” EVAN provides modern solutions for businesses’ most pressing IT needs. EVAN diagnoses problems in less than five minutes and resolves them in an average of 33 minutes, surpassing the service level of most IT help desk solutions.

“Traditional IT services and help desks are rarely helpful and thus not effective. EVAN provides the modern way, breaking through with on-demand capabilities businesses have needed for years,” said Todd Boutte, CEO at EVAN. “We are proud of the efficiency we provide businesses so they can get back to work to create the value necessary to conduct business properly.”

EVAN was created to solve challenges and free IT managers to focus on what is most important to their business. Along with on-demand, reliable, and secure support for growing businesses, EVAN provides quarterly webinars on technology topics, cybersecurity assessments, WordPress support, and help transitioning to the cloud. EVAN continues to live out its mission by focusing on recruiting veterans and highly skilled IT professionals.


EVAN is the first true on-demand platform for IT support. Connecting individuals and businesses with qualified IT professionals, EVAN provides secure, transparent, and reliable expertise. The crowdsourcing platform provides solutions for level I and II computer problems, which include but are not limited to email disruptions, wireless connectivity, cybersecurity, computer performance, and external devices. Founded and headquartered in Houston, Texas, EVAN prides itself on rigorously vetting IT professionals and placing an emphasis on recruiting veterans. Learn more about EVAN at EVANYourITGuy.com.


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