Global Citizens Human Rights Coalition join 100 Organizations to Rally for the Dissolution of the CCK
Washington, D.C., January 30th, 2019 –(– On Jan. 27, over 30,000 people from civil society organizations and religious groups came together at Gwanghwamun Square in a rally coordinated by the Global Citizens’ Human Rights Coalition.

The coalition formed against the CCK is comprised of 100 organizations in South Korea. Several of the larger organizations include the International Women’s Peace Human Rights Commission, the Christian Association for Anti-Corruption National Movement and the World Buddhist Summit.

In a press conference following the rally, International Women’s Peace Human Rights Commission’s Chairperson Seoyeon Lee stated, “President Moon and his government should heed the voices of law-abiding citizens and protect their human rights. We request the rapid enactment of a law to ban and punish coercive conversion programs and to end coercive conversion which suppresses the right to freedom of religion.”

PR Contact:
Alex Woodard