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Plant Trees Simply by Playing Fun, Educational Games

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New Orleans non-profit helps planet in innovative way: users plant trees, simply by playing their online games for free

NEW ORLEANS, SEPTEMBER 19, 2019 — A new non-profit, Plant the Peace — started by Environmental Studies and Engineering students at Tulane University — is helping our planet in a new way: by creating fun, educational games for users, and planting trees for correct answers. They create clever games — ranging from world geography, to english vocabulary, to environmental trivia — that anyone can play for free. And instead of profiting, they plant trees around the world. By using their platform, users literally become smarter while simultaneously helping our planet. In just ten days, the non-profit has already planted 3,000 trees that will sequester roughly 144,000 pounds of carbon from our atmosphere annually.

The initiative works by users playing their clever, educational games for free on plantthepeace.com. Every game played plants trees around the world and makes users smarter! Behind the scenes, Plant the Peace partners with brands that are looking to reduce their carbon-footprint. The non-profit conducts a free, sustainable-audit to determine the brand’s carbon footprint; and days later Plant the Peace begins planting the appropriate amount of trees to offset their carbon contribution. The non-profit was the recipient of the Alvarez Spark Innovation Award for this unique funding mechanism.

When launching Plant the Peace in early September 2019, Plant the Peace President Max Steitz wrote, “We simply have no plan(et) b, and it’s time we take action. The only way to truly combat climate change head-on is through a two-pronged approach: education and action. That’s why we’ll continue to create awesome games that teach and reward our users (and planet) for correct answers. And why we’ll continue to help businesses offset their carbon-footprint, effortlessly. ”

Anyone can play games, get smarter, and help our planet, all for free, by going to plantthepeace.com