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Titling tips for writing a great headline or title for your next press release

The best way to write a highly effective and attention grabbing headline for your press release.

“Try to use specific words that evoke images or interest inside the readers mind”.

Similar to how a book cover or banner ad either draws in the reader or it deters them with the visual imagery, the headline or text of a press release is exactly the same. If your press release provides a very compelling headline it will give the reader a reason to want to click the headline and read your press release.

Give your reader a reason to click. Your headline should provide some type of reason, a call to action or some type of announcement encouraging the reader to want to learn more.

One very helpful tip to know that may help some. Write your press release title last, after you have written your press release. That way you have a better overall idea of what the press release is about and how it will be read through.

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